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Document Integration

Here at Lauris Online, we have a tenured crew of form integration specialists who will accurately replicate your current documents in order to improve clinical efficiency.  By custom-building forms for each organization based on their current forms, familiarity with the documents will make learning and navigating our site extremely user-friendly. In addition, with our implementation of data tracking, production time can be significantly reduced.

Graphs & Charts

With this feature, Lauris Online staff will work with the provider to create a visual representation of the consumers’ data to easily identify any trends or correlations in behaviors, activities, or other measurable units.


Through the Lauris Online system, documents requiring approval will be routed directly to the designated recipient. Should forms not meet approval requirements, the document can then be routed back, with comments, to the originator. Once approved, the name, signature, credentials, and date of approval will be applied to the document. Electronic delivery of documents increases efficiency of the approval

Offline Capabilities

Offline Capabilities

Not having an internet connection can be frustrating with many electronic record systems. Lauris Online has developed offline applications which allow the user to complete documentation without connectivity as well as sync and update the system when internet becomes available again.


Outcomes Tracking

Utilizing this feature allows providers to capture and report on outcomes-related data. This technology will assist in easily validating treatment processes, tracking clinical results, impressing accreditation, licensing, and funding agencies. This feature offers the ability to customize industry standard surveys, questionnaires, and batteries.

Electronic Billing

Batch all unbilled revenue and create an electronic 837 file or print HCFA1500, UB04, and/or customized invoices to your liking. In addition, electronic 835 files may be imported and automatically posted to AR. By utilizing the checks and balances, providers have seen a significant decline in denials and rebills.

Employee Timesheet

Lauris Online custom tailored timesheets will enable providers the ability to automate both time and expense tracking for their staff. This also includes the function to track billable and non-billable staff activities and associated units of service. Staff will generate time tracking forms, sign the forms electronically to confirm acceptance, and send for approval before payroll is generated. By utilizing this feature, providers will no longer have to reconcile billing as they would with paper timesheets.


The Lauris Online scheduling module is simple to use for both clinical staff and administration. This feature enables access to scheduled commitments of the entire organization, anywhere at any time. The scheduler will send automatic email notifications based on preconfigured event types.

E- Prescription

Lauris Online is partnered with Dr. First, the leading electronic prescription and medication management service provider, to equip our providers with easy access to medication history and electronically submitting prescriptions to pharmacies.

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